Sparks in the Classroom will be republishing a selection of these titles in the near future. Some titles are still available through the publishers listed. Links to these titles have been included in the text below.

God Knows Who I Am


Philosophy for Children


God Knows Who I Am, written by Robert Kirkwood and illustrated by Edward McLachlan, is an engaging and provocative Moral Philosophy textbook for the Lower School which is being re-published by Dialogue due to popular demand.


God Knows Who I Am explores contrasting moral philosophies through a variety of animals (the wild dog, the pig who wallows in pleasure, the gorilla who gets through life with the principle ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, and the chameleon who blends into the background) and contrasts these self-centred ‘animal’ philosophies with the altruistic views found in religion.


To view sample pages and information on how to order please visit: www.dialogue.org.uk

If I Were God I'd Say Sorry


By Robert Kirkwood (Illustrated by Edward McLachlan)


This text explores the problems of prayer, suffering and hell, from the starting point of pupils’ comments and questions. It covers these difficult and important areas of belief in a challenging way but also with humour. It is suitable for a wide ability range, and for pupils aged 12-16.

Looking for Proof of God


By Robert Kirkwood (Illustrations by Edward Mclachlan)


Published by Longman (currently out of print)


Following on from Looking for God, this book tackles the kinds of questions that young people ask about religion. It is suitable for pupils of mixed ability from the third year upwards and its approach is cross-cultural and its conclusions open ended. The book focuses on the issue of God’s existence and examines various historical attempts to provide evidence that would either prove or disprove God’s existence. It looks at the ambiguous nature of this evidence and also shows how many religious and non-religious people make their own decisions about God’s existence.

Looking For God


By Robert Kirkwood (Illustrations by Edward Mclachlan)


Published by Longman (currently out of print)


Looking for God is the first in a series ground breaking books which introduces key concepts within the Philosophy of Religion to mixed ability classes throughout the secondary school.  It uses a lively and questioning approach to help pupils explore and begin to understand key religious ideas.


Many questions and confusions about God are dealt with in a simple and direct way through language and humorous cartoons which are clear and accessible.


This book is graded in difficulty, so providing useful and motivating material for mixed- ability groups.

Special Issue: Philosophy of Religion


By Robert Kirkwood (University of Edinburgh) Illustrations by Edward McLachlan




Design Arguments

Religious Language

Religious Experience


The Problem of Suffering


A highly original new resource for AS/A2 Religious Studies


Detailed coverage of key issues in the Philosophy of Religion

Humour and accessibility

64 pages, full colour presentation

47 original cartoons by international illustrator Edward McLachlan

Imaginative tasks which test knowledge and understanding of the

text, encourage critical evaluation and personal reflection.

This special issue of Dialogue is available in packs of five copies (for UK customers only) at a price of £45.00, including posting and package.


Single copy of special issue is available at price of US$21.00, AUS$30.00 and CA$23.00.


This book can be purchased at: www.dialogue.org.uk

Special Issue: Ethical Theory


By Robert Kirkwood (University of Edinburgh) Illustrations by Hendrik Jonas


This book will be republished by Spark in the Classroom in 2016





Natural Law


Kant and Ethics

Situation Ethics

Morality and Religion


In the 1980s Longman publishing brought together education writer Robert Kirkwood and international illustrator Edward McLachlan to produce a series of ground-breaking books for students in the first years of secondary school. Looking for God and Looking for Proof of God offered a new approach to Religious Studies, introducing students to key ideas in the Philosophy of Religion. This Special Issue of Dialogue is a similar project for older students, providing a firm grounding in Ethical Theory in a style that is humorous and accessible.


Key examination topics

64 pages

Over 50 original cartoons

Structured questions for mixed-ability teaching


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