“Not many books for religious study in the classroom merit the accolade ‘un-put-downable’ but it’s true of Rob Kirkwood’s wonderfully clear text on ethics and the accompanying cartoons. Your students would be stealing this book, if they hadn’t learned about altruism from it.” Lat Blaylock, RE Today editor.

Following the success of the excellent “Looking for God” series, Rob Kirkwood has produced another exceptional book covering a comprehensive range of ethical issues which really draws the reader in.  Concise, accessible and enhanced by the superb illustrations of Edward McLachlan, this is an essential resource for anyone studying ethics and philosophy at Advanced or Highers level.  Indeed, this book has real appeal to a much larger audience both inside and outside formal education.

Anyone who can analyse, explain and present the thoughts of Immanuel Kant in three columns without bowing to reductionism or losing the essence of Kantian philosophy gets my vote!  It’s rare to find a book of this genre which you cannot put down.  In “The Only Way is Ethics”, Rob Kirkwood has produced it!  


Stephen Colling CBE former LEA senior secondary education adviser.